Temporary residence of citizens of the Russian federation in the Republic of Serbia

Citizens of the Russian Federation can enter the Republic of Serbia and stay in it, without a visa, continuously for no longer than 30 days. After the expiration of the 30-day period, they are obliged to leave the territory of the Republic of Serbia, that is, they can stay in the Republic of Serbia without restrictions, while fulfilling the above-mentioned obligation to leave the country. After each return to the Republic of Serbia, they must report their return to the competent police station.

However, in the case of obtaining a temporary residence permit, they will not have the obligation to leave the country for the entire duration of the period for which they were granted temporary residence.

List of necessary documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit:

  • valid passport (the validity period of the passport must be at least three months longer than the period for which the residence permit is issued).
  • confirmation from a Serbian bank about funds in a personal account in the amount of at least one minimum wage),
  • registration of address of residence or residence in the Republic of Serbia (white card)
  • apartment rental agreement (for the duration of the planned stay)
  • ID card of the owner of the apartment (if the ID card has a chip, then a scanned ID card)
  • the owner’s statement that he agrees that tenants can register their residential address
  • confirmation of health insurance for the duration of the planned stay
  • proof of payment of the established administrative fee (in the amount of RSD 19,200 in total)
  • two photos (35mm*45mm, color, full face)
  • Completed form
  • certificate of registration of LLC or PR
  • marriage certificate – for the spouse’s residence permit
  • birth certificate for a residence permit for children.

If, by inspecting the travel document or inspecting the records, it is established that during the validity of the previously approved temporary stay in the Republic of Serbia, the foreigner stayed for less than half of the time for which he was granted temporary stay, the competent authority may reject the request for extension of the temporary stay, in the event that the foreigner does not submit proof of the justification of his absence from the Republic of Serbia.

A foreigner may apply for a temporary residence permit on the following grounds:

  1. employment (which includes the establishment of one’s own company or the registration of an entrepreneurial activity);
  2. schooling or learning the Serbian language;
  3. studying;
  4. participation in international student exchange programs;
  5. professional specializations, trainings and practices;
  6. scientific research work or other scientific educational activities;
  7. family reunification;
  8. performing a religious service;
  9. treatment or care;
  10. ownership of real estate;
  11. humanitarian stay;
  12. the status of a victim of human trafficking;
  13. other justified reasons in accordance with the law or international agreement.

Requests are submitted to the Ministry of the Interior according to the foreigner’s place of residence, however, it is also possible to submit the request electronically.